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2 Shredded Cheese Calories

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in asylums abroad and in this country. She was of a well

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being secondary. The experiments of Lister have proved that in the

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enclosed in a tough fibrous capsule fig.. As a rule

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inations of animals poisoned by arsenic showing a marked decrease

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have labored to free the prisoner of his criminal responsibility no suc

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On the other hand it was considered that the committee had

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tion of the symptoms. Particularly must signs of the early stages of arterial

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ver gt feeble. The subclavian artery and vein were tied off and

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easily and safely by the most inexperienced while the later

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break up into three or four small round individual nuclei es

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and supporting diet unless in the rare instances where sundry com

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further tested either orally or practically or by both of these

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and of the general outlook for the future of the Asso

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tind that a steel instrument or at least a plaster case is

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toes and sweets. In many of the cases a noteworthy history of

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erated eye a longer leriod of rest before it is called

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Cancer. Dr. Richard Barswell has cured cancer by the internal use

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electrification in influencing nutrition is due partly to the reflex as well as

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cleanliness may be easily secured. One of the most use

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well done. Tlie editor has not talccn the troulile to

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of the usual arrangements and situation of provincial museums

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this issue. After reading his paper. Colonel Duguet demonstrated

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For some time so prevalent was the disease that Dr.

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following mixture which is burnt on a red hot shovel placed near the

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such conditions are so constant and unvarying except in non

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the weariness which is produced in the same muscles when they


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