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the plaster and he continued wearing this until a few months

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blows with clubs kicks and other mechanical injuries.

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greatly impaired or entirely arrested and the dullness and

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acute generally chronic characterized by the constant presence of grape

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upper portion of the lower lobe is a favorite seat for

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which recent discharged follicles were seen. Such a result ap

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tack of diphtheria his fingers and thumbs of both hands had a prickling

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be more correct to affirm that persons of the arthritic diathesis

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think of washing her own hands or washing the ear to

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trophy of the mucous membrane of the stomach the nat

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s mptoms. Dr. Crary had used the glycerine extract in

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Such being the doctrine attempted to be maintained in these

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Books Reports and Pamphlets intended for notice in The Asclepiad should be

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at length the various arguments for and against the respective theories of

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tion in from ten to forfy eitjht hours. There is enor

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time the excess of magnesia and the lack of iodine were held to

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situated as to press upon the rectum or pregnancy. The most re

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the small flap section linear section and oblique corneal section giving

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different portions until the whole nevus same manner or the bipolar method

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consideration of hyperemesis as an hysterical neurosis is well supported by

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passing both from one to the other filled with recent coagula in which

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lina George Ransom White of Tennessee. Dr. Whitman in his

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quantity of arterial blood than can be supposed requisite to its

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respectfully informed that in accepting such articles we always do so

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intestine or more generally of the intestines the stomach the

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practical destruction of the uterus proved to be impossible.

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tion program by the various hospital disciplines particularly the Nursing

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ened in every direction but especially in its thickness which gives it a


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