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Picture Zyban

these persons and hundreds of persons attended. It is stated
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conceded that such operations are not often practicable
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sions of the left pleura, and the heart and larger blood-vessels,
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and lead to fallacious conclusions, if we fail to secure
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became rigid and her head was thrown backward. She could
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Report of the Board of Trustees of The Amebicah Medical
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bulbar paralysis." Since then the text-books of Church
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Since the original description by Bernhardt, in 1895,
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is to show how the temperature can be reduced by the
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to her home. This method marks an epoch in modern surgery."
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as much more alcohol would have to be evaporated to
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has invented: The single knot stitch, the square knot stitch,
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events the theory that the hemorrhagic diathesis results
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1. Boston Med. and Surg. Jour.. May 9, 1901. p. 442 : alBo
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that pestis minor is a fairly well-defined ailment that
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23 'Primary Chancre of the Septum of the Noae. W. Frendenthal.
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pletion of the general plan, in which we ask your concurrence.
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and constitutional poisoning resulting therefrom. 3. In the
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ute's rest vigorous contractions are again induced by
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Arst sacral vertebra. A strong double tenaculum was made
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and it has been alleged that each is usually manifested
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then loosened up and retracted. Through the remaining
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the conclusions. Cases by Mansell-Moullin and other English
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model — is also shown. Besides the equipment of the field hospi-
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picture zyban
Asst.-Surgeon H. B. Parker, directed to proceed to San Francisco.


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