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Leptigen Ingredients

rest and removing every possible source of irritation of the

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In the country this can be done out doors on a favor

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In every case of local erysipelas he immediately applies the purest creasote

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of the actors that were to appear. The struggling fea

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ago a small band of earnest brave and determined South

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Dr. Lauder Brunton read a paper on this subject. He sketched the

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Etiology. The disease is more frequent in women than in men. Of

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streams though naturally good may be seriously inter

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of a boy of l t years with chronic abdominal dropsy following

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well as in the management of certain forms of dyspepsia.

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The salt assists the action of calomel with which it

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and the treatment should be carried out with a view to

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aflection should be so much ameliorated although the patient having arrived at

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in affections of the eyes. The patient should be his own operator. He

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cui ing the public against the risks which might arise

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slight bruit of this character is not very uncommonly to be

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action would fit them any better. For these reasons it seems

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fessor of Military Surgery in the University and Consulting

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Our first panel will lead off with two of the participants in the

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tions with other physicians or for short term therapy

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leg were paralyzed. The right pupil was dilated and insensible to light. The

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a chronic inflammation of the lymphatics of the affected part

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opinion. I desire to express my thanks to Dr. Robert Abbe

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rate from tuberculosis among physicians nurses and others working in

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stituents are several albuminous bodies which are scarcely dis

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kidney trouble for three days. I now thought it time to

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ment may be tried in cases where the operation is not possible.

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Syphilitic Affections rf Bone. Scrofulous Affections of Bone

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and power and their teaching will shed lustre upon our efforts for

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the hospital In the months just before the antitonn

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and adhering to the membranes in the upper segment of the


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