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peutics for lunatics as well as for the rest of human

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free distribution of antitoxin means to the people cannot be

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the use of the forceps is immediately eliminated for

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upon the outside of the joints and for the most part immediate

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the institutes at Halle and Breslau and Dunbar s institute at

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third trimester of the first year. The laboratory work

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himself and second facts indicative of insanity communicated by others

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four in hand. The audacity of the rebel guerillas is

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writers believe that motion of the hip joint within

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some hospices dying patients were inadequately med

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phasizes the fact that we cannot afford to totally ignore

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edge no obligation to review them all. Nevertheless so

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lishing the systematic dipping of all newly purchased sheep

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the physicians should challenge such bacteriological monsters

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of Drs. Flexner and Barker the snow which had recently fallen had

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forsook God which made him and lightly esteemed the Book of

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oracle of ancient days is capable of two opposite interpretations

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by able bodied inmates of the hospitals. One florist is sufficient for each

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changes in the connective tissue of the liver made especially manifest

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eral biological characters during the five years since it was obtained

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on a severe strain with a tendency to yielding in defective situa

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glycerine agar F involution X days gelatin G. involution X

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suturing. In England a glass rod is passed under the mesentery

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sufficient and there is no harm in opening if convalescence sliould

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Symptoms. The condition occurs suddenly and distortion

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free education is within the reach of all. Even for the

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trouble continuing until one week after delivery at full term.

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upon the skill of the operator. It was alleged by men who obviously

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doubtful if simple endocarditis can ever give rise to so much tume

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nidus Inr organisms one cainiol hope to secure immunity

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nature infeetion rarely occurs in this way. Attempts to

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actly similar and recent occasion. The incidents re

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to appraisers and the power to direct such examinations into the condi

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from the third Revised aud Improved London Edition. Philadelphia Lindsay and


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