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Is Catnip Tea Good For Colic

every journal. When a reader inclines to criticse a

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hemorrhage occurs early in the course of the disease. It is

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nal down to the hernial sac and dissect this out bluntly being

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day or if necessary once every three or four hours. The

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as compared with. biological value. normal scale for European

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from a concurrent increase of decay And this increased decay

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characterised by certain pathological and anatomical changes and often

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showed to do so perfectly at its deepest part.. t t le same

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during which time a series of Schneider indices was made upon

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the lungs are prevented from duly decarbonizing the

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Letter to.lames Russell Es j. I rofessor of Clinical Surgery in tlie University

is catnip tea good for colic

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Further information may be obtained by addressing J.

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Eousillon etc. bad among the northern blond long heads including

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contracted pellagra in Spartan Mills and the district adjacent to it dur

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times followed by the permanent disappearance of dropsical symptoms.

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changes were detected. Under this heading no difficulty was experienced

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nerve was irritated in an animal recently killed the tongue was

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nesium wire a spectrum is obtained which is very much

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haste and was given the following history and found

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peared. Examination of the blood showed the presence of the spiro

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these pages especially its economical value. It is no

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that he found useful and practical and to have given good

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fluence of galvanism. Then also there is want of expression in

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but the injection method has its drawbacks so he gives the

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as the disease advances. These may show in the limbs in the

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part of the foundation but which through the accumula


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