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The same kind of result was obtained from an analysis of the

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concluded therefore that lecithin must be present in the tis

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general vascular weakness and haemorrhage of parasitic origin may be

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again at the stage of beginning repair hemoglobin red blood

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catarrh already occupies the minute bronchial tubes. This catarrh may

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success. It was continued two years more with new lectures

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and teacher and how medical science was at first traditional the old

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voice from Heaven say Surely I come quickly responds with

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monia were admitted to hosjjital Were discharged and

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tion of the blood of both children and adults. The following tables

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tion of the symptoms. Particularly must signs of the early stages of arterial

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to save the tendons as none of them sloughed. Drainage was

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been covered with thin rubber sheeting such as dentists use. The fangs

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being scattered about and a sink drain hole full of disease produc

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tent take the place of chloral. British Medical Journal

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gans or womb ergoted grasses etc. If there is no relax

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attempt has apparently been made to test the effect exerted

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For several years he was one of the surgeons of the Police

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urethra requires dilatation or division and it must not

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more rapidly than oats. If hay be given before oats it is

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long the margins with very few scattered small teeth. Branches brown

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The functions of the bladder and rectum are usually

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finds in the one case examined by him. Indeed the only peculiarity

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died that is in. The duration of the disease however in the cases

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similar experiments could get no hemolysis with fresh extracts used on the day

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dropping his ears and being generally listless and indifferent though he


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