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ache or sickness afterwards. The operation was easy and satisfactory.

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saw her three weeks later and she told me that she always

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from chronic causes of a constitutional nature the cornea is liable

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ticular condition of the barometer or thermometer death

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applied from the earliest times. The abnormal heat of the bodt

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It will be perceived that the naortality from this operation is enormous.

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chronic forms of the disease however a steady wasting occurs

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fraudulent nature of the whole proceeding will when

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asthmatic is or has been rickety his head is between his

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cases of which a little more than per cent. were found to

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changed characteristics more than others. For this reason

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The various circumstances under which headache may arise as a

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should be finally discontinued and the institution of applications of

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or irritation of the accelerator nerves. But even here the m.ijority of

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so called then brings about so little membrane in the throat and

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infrequently the hydatid contents may escape from the liver by two or more

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more rapidly than oats. If hay be given before oats it is

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transparent and I am inclined to think that even these few are

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duces spasmodic constrictions is difficult to determine. Such


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