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Clotrimazole Oral Dose

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I started with the assertion, that the K. &Q.C.P.I.


send noisy political adversaries for temporary treat-

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we too often see) illustrative of the efi"ects of a particular

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encased in mahogany top-boots, " for his shrunk shanks

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was ordered a dose of simple saline mixture containing

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Ann L., aged 32, was admitted on February 2nd, 1863,

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and the interest thereof, added to those portions of

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This hapless woman was submitted by Dr. Lee to an ex-

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with an equal dose of chloric ether were ordered to be

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atism, and the acid deposits of the urine, and the vitiated

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dencies of the profession itself. It is all very well

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followed by sym^jtoms of concussion more frequently

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rat and in the guinea-pig. In the latter animal he has

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exhibition from private gentlemen and others disposed

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In the treatment of these cases there is but one i one which is to be observed. To external observa-

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its cavity ; the practitioner, armed with the tincture of ses-

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harsh single murmur, following the first sound of the

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water drank in large quantities. I have authority from

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ther illustrations of advance in medical practice. What

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the occurrence of tlie phasedajnic ulceration ; and the

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small party in the Council whose intentions are practi-

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tannin in bronchitis, and subsequently in certain pul

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Sympson, Mr. T., escape of biliary calculus through ab-

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can we say that the true and ultimate transformation has;

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case of a sensitive nerve. His idea is, that a progressive

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ties, thus enabling the most remote medicaljpractitioner

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voir Injection Apparatusns themost simple and perfect yetproduced. sary to lubricate the piston in the usual syringes), which soon

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ease itself. Many years ago, I was consulted by a*,

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into some suitable quarantine establishment in the West

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dico-Chirurgical Transactions, vol. xlv), I have been

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ing the great majority of the chronic diathetic diseases

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morning I'ound, I sent her home at once, desiring she

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a homoeopathist was a libel. Would it be a libel to say

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rington's Hospital, in Limerick, the sum of £'3,000, to

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at similar ages, the period of life at which the disease

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