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Dapsone Acne Scars

rarely diminished in frequency), a feeling of heaviness in the head, etc.

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As we see, the riddle of diabetes is still far from solution. But the ques-

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typhoid fever, smallpox, and similar acute infectious diseases, and in the sec-

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case, since the reflex paths for muscle tone and tendon reflexes do not appear

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with a pair of'forc'eps while 1? ?s betnglut) ''"^ers or


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the degree of the disturbance, as we have said, is always very much influenced

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The results of these examinations will determine the order of merit,

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location produces a corresponding variety in the symptoms of cerebral syph-

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2. Anyone engaged at the time of the passing of this Act in tbe

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to frequent the courses of studies given in the University will be free

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In this section m will discuss three (Rites sud the disorders they cause.

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Distinct electrical reaction of degeneration is almost never found in dystrophy

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dizziness, and unsteady gait (cerebellar ataxia). Local tenderness of the

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may also find tabes in very young or very old persons, and then we can dis-

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turbances, of symptoms of sensory irritation, of vesical disturbances, etc.,

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but little. Locally, the favorite remedies are ice applied to the head, which

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edge is still very slight. The glycosuria of the corpulent is worthy of special

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Clinic for Qbservatltm by the. VeteHnarlan, at a sped fled -hwir. it Is certainly difficult,

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Suckltic lice feed exclusively on the bleod <r other tissue i%ids of the host's body,

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ordinary to the Queen, c. I820. 33. 37. l. I827, 28.

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Thia Hospital has recently been considerably enlarged by the addition of a

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disease appears to be hereditary, or to attack members of the same family.

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proper treatment they usually get well in a few weeks, but often there is an

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bral tumor. Of diseases with a similar course, abscess is recognized especially

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of accident cases. [Although this possibility should be borne in mind, the

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''Jt'buFirt^^ fil'iV''''; '^^^^^^^"^ ^^^^-^ ^^'•^ ^nto larger fat

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cord. They are either single or frequent and persistent. Their mode of origin

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nephritis (q. v.), winch conditions are often the immediate cause of death

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Chemistry : Odling, Galloway, Fresenius. Materia Medica : '* Pereira's

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Division, to assist them in pursuing their studies at some collegiate

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tion of the patient in sitting; he can neither stand nor walk. (Per-

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sensory irritation of the bladder (so-called vesical crises) occur. A cystitis

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ing objects. He hears sounds and may understand a few words. He may

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simply by attending the terminal examinations. In the Faculty of

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electric shocks, etc.) play a far greater, and perhaps the greatest, part in the


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