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to determine whether to proceed or not the patient swooned. It was now

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ized. If the disease terminates at this point recovery takes place and

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fremitus. In the stage of softening or suppurative infiltration gray

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The more common bacteria found in conjunctivitis are Pneumococcus

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anesthesia sufficient for minor surgery while the non toxicity

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tive properties. No dangerous efl ects followed its injection in healthy

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covering. Forty years ago I studied the physiology of deglutition.

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Chancre. Dr. Ligmund says that chancres must be cauterized

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Examining Board in England or who produce evidence of

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were no doubt the remains of portions of placental tufts left be

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are not chemically disinfected or exposed to the disinfect

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On the evening of the same day the nurses of the hospi

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in a copy of which is exhibited. John Pory represented the

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norance self assumption complaisance and sickly senti

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degree from some reputable college. Of the thirteen

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around the wound wOl often close it. Should this fail


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