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About grams of the sulphocyanide are weighed out and dissolved
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panied by a somewhat lowered bodily temperature. This
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this is a valuable sign marked emaciation. Sometimes there is bilious
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was a pledged body and that they were forced into an
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injected the pupils in this stage are usually contracted there is
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great numbers from a somewhat similar cause and must receive the
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is the case with hogs as well as other animals. Very
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mon duct is usually the starting point of the growth which may involve
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Eczema. Eczema demands treatment for the acute and the
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in the dark. He shows when speaking of quarantine that the
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prolonged digestion is able to destroy all the activity of
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enclosed in cheese cloth or any similar material. These are
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that the Director of Agriculture will in his discretion authorize
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Sensitization Tests with Digestive Products of Protein. I. Chandler
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myopic astigmatism in three or per cent. mixed astig
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exhibits no noteworthy deviations from the normal. The mCvSenteric glands
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Association be extended to the retiring President Dr.
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females between the ages of thirty and forty. Anatomical ex
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such as Athens and Florence but of empires they decimate
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landlord does not respond the City s emergency repair
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the electric beam. The condensation of the aqueous vapor of the
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with an insatiable curiosit to view this wonderful phenomenon
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have always imagined that a horse in harness cannot apply
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At one p. m. the members and visitors assembled on the Athletic
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pneumonie nor a tuberculous patient are likely to affect the


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