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the comminuted condition of the bones it was impossible by

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through the uterus and fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity.

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mouth. These movements are not more than might occur in

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termittency and irregularity and it has been variously

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exercises which have for their object the unfolding of the

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or negative according to their concentration or perhaps distinct positive and

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in this group of patients syphilis played a very small

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Thirdly. In persons suffering from stone to investigate

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success and then removed to Baltimore in where he has since resided.

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Crawford a strong advocate of this doctrine said The blood in

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fact that eulachon oil is certainly not inferior to cod liver

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Case IV. which died after three days gives a history of g rise.

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No one is better able than the physician to understand the

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Endocarditis at times develops in the course of those diseases which

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depression in the American Indian. Public Health Rep Sep Oct

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A STATEMENT has lately been industriously circulated by the Society

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seen prevailing as an epidemic with all the circumstances of the

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tion of chlorides and freedom from albumen. The latter abnormal

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wards of the New Haven Hospital and through the courtesy of Dr.

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Scarlatinous and Diphtheritic Son e Throat. Primary Gangrenous Sore

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retention in that organ it oftentimes having been found to present

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in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and Gollege for Graduates in

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recognize that of the time the diagnosis of syphilis is

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nearly two thirds had been stricken with tuberculosis

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except two or three glands lying along the middle and lower

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inflammation having drawn the ovaries down upon the

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What is the physiologic effect of cpcain on the ocular con

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break through into the rectum forming a recto vesical


in males. Over feeding lack of exercise and constant companion

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the introduction of better sanitary regulations in Egypt and Turkey in

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Quinine atroi ine and aconite have been tried aud found

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definite method of procedure to all examiners of the Associa

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important as in acute tetanus in such a case little

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tation obvious we may expect instant relief from a free division


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