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oriental court of a Roman governor on a certain mo

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to those things necessary to provide shelter nourishment and

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to the central nervous system whilst continuous currents should

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come chronic in nature. It may be further mistaken oc

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powerful States the products of whose rich fields clothe and

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the fact that the latter being less striking and important

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therefore likely to follow the administration of iodides of other

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jelly Similar laminae covered over the internal and

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occur in a healthy subject. At least experiments on the dogj show that

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larities rectifying misfits of harness or badly arranged

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should especially be avoided. I liave known tlie affection

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National Guard by Captain J. J. Erwin of this city

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grew two horns which she shed twice one of them being preserved

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determined by inserting a thermometer into the Clark cell in the

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polymorphonuclear leucocytes with intracellular meningococci and the

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new another takes a little of both until even now our

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couldn t get Armed Forces Radio for the Monday night

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River steamer so tliat his stools were not examined microscopically. They

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est difficulty in treating such patients now occurs.

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and experience. Any one therefore afflicted with any dis

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glance the progressive ascent of the temperature which although there

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one offering a horse for sale has just ground for com

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September stated that we know to day about as much concerning

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by pouring ether on the tongue after division of the con

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Rule Revision To Prevent the Spread of Lip and Leg Ulceration

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when tuberculous nodules in it are so small as readily to escape detection.

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Board of Health by the Secretary the late Dr. Derby whose decease in

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I. The Definitions of Diseases. The first object of Nosology is to

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the treatment of advanced diseases of the heart is the general

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The Action ef the Healtb Departmeot lo Relitloo to Pulnoairy Tobcr

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cretions in diet or by mental worry it may occur at any

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offspring of both physical and mental qualities is a fact of uni

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ulating their metabolic processes and so can indirectly provide them with


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