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Besides the urine the motions may be passed involuntarily and the in

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The patient aged entered the hospital with an ulcer on the leg. The

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of various sizes and small bodies also of different sizes called glands.

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No Appeal from Naval Medical Board. Hereafter neither the


forming a fistulous opening or it may penetrate the hard

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alone as that a lad should be taught in six lessons to speak

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been a martyr to pain in the area above described. He tells


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cal of the nervous power or fluid in these different states.

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final reaction positive or negative always results from

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and support of the Journal. Control work all over the land has

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with them during the day. The disease cannot be communicated by

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in the New York Medical Journal for May said he was

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to treat patients as cheaply as possible and refer as

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Their proof is not convincing. They state that per cent of the

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the Median Operation and crush the stone through the

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being forty five per cent. we need funds the articles

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have used them with greater precision and by more systematic methods

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the greater part of this ignorance. We as physicians both in

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other hand notwithstanding Dounon s statements to the contrary a mere

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risk gout is an increasing one. The mortality from phthisis falls

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The various appearances and conditions which these simple

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in the dog while in men it is of incomparably greater extent. This

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of the fracture distinguishable from the more diffused less fixed and less intense

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tain cases of colic. For this purpose some practitioners have ex

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tance that physicians should act in concert for although their modes of

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consistence and the pebble like uniformity of its unexposed sur

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unturned and replacing them by fresh equivalents. Wise

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let the indiscriminate nominations be abolished and then substitute in

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such a pass has it come that a criminal s chances of


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