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the receipt of the injury there were four openings upon the dorsum pus

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necessary and the hypodermic injection of j grain of hyoscine has

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ganizing state graded schools. Wherever this has been done it

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her husband a pederast I will explain the theory of the

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tributing causes toward disturbing the normal function of men

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these masses were also present but they were never so extensive

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ably in most instances killed by the action of the normal

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case indeed in addition to separating the fluid from the rest of

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to aptily maesage to overcome the uiuacular atrophy of die

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arated the active principle from the serum and that he is

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duced into the system from without To this class belong such

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ness but the deviation is rarely fpund to be serious either in this


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involuntarily. The woman died between four and five

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accomplished st By local applications of cold and.astringents which

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change in the hydrogen ion concentration of solutions in soft and hard

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nature of the disease nor how to cure it. It was his opinion

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tial excitement continues. The effect of increased sensibility of

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acteristics and the manner in which they destroy life by

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unea and their tributarios. The pampiniform ploxua was io a


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