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person in Boston, nor for a longer period then six months.
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lie edges of the wound were brought together by strips of adhesive
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appendices of the lungs ar^ affected with emphysema, to secure as full inspiration
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tumours in such organs as the mamma and liver ; and in glands like the
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of the lancet in scarlatina anginosa and maligna, and so are also many
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in solution all the crystallisable substances which are the waste products of
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of no instance upon record. And the inquiry will naturally arise as to
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third day, and he has given precise directions as to how this treatment should
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sation very similar to that which a solid instrument inflicts, and compares
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on the Continent, with great precautions in the diagnosis of early tuber-
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tempted to partake liberally of the indulgence and luxury of the table
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of hyaline cartilage which has the same relation to it that an epiphysis
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as they often are, with good or ill, according as they are appKed with or
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but sometimes only four or five, the sputa assume a grayish and dirty as-
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to be passed into the vagina. In some cases the fingers are flexed so that
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" Generative Organs," " Heart," " Intestines," " Iris," " Mouth," etc.)
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emidren much more frequently than is commonly supposed to be the
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times assist the operator. At the lectures, the professor always offers
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After this process has been gone through, the body is incarcerated in a
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pock or inflammation, and there existed merely a stiflfness of the eye-
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complement of blood exert a suctional pull in the capillaries, and the push from
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or general sweats and hot flushes are not uncommon, especially in the more
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Dr. Nathan Smith in the Professorship of Sargery in the Medical Institution of
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5th. Remedies which obviate mechanical impediment to the res-
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of the black blood is thus transmiited by the arteries to the brain, it
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treatment in all cases and all climates ; and though it may answer in
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meningitis. It had been brought up solely on milk from a tuberculous
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dary of several hundred miles of mountainous country, alternating with
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upon exhaustion and fatigue, to the most uncontrollable paroxysms of
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