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Of the known Prosaptice this is the most evidently and intimately related to


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and resemble very much as Addison remarked the normal contents of the

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isolated a bacillus probably belonging to the group under

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In the pile of volumes now lying before us we have a faithful

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bave seen excellent results follow the use of this kind

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results for visual purposes. A recent experience will

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against pain crises and while effective in temporar

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fresh placentas and in minced placenta after undergoing autoly

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According to the bacterian theory diphtheria is not a general

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as it is promising it would in my judgment be an error to

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the head and sway from side to side. If the drug is continued

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ment has been arrived at as to the classification of streptococci by the

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possibility of leakage between collar and neck. After a few minutes

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ried lady the midwife and Mr B who all as also the lady

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minish the volume of blood in the vessels. Some reme

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pain itself. From the first attack the pain becomes by degrees

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wholly the direct effect of the parasites themselves..

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cases where the course of the nervous disease is acute

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hereditary nor acquired taint fairly strong though very

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or twelfth day all fulness has disappeared. The length of the attack

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in their own persons the needed qualifi cations. The results ob

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far as function goes they are the muscle. Each can be

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The experiments of Bordet Tschistovitch and Nolf have


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