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the alimentary canal of the brain or a peculiar morbid ex

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respect but caused himself to be respected. Throughout the

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this he became still more sullen and resentful and finally

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accompanied or followed by a purgative. Combined with the

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lar to malaria and accompanied by chills and sweats.

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of British Guiana of Dr. Manget surgeon general of the colony

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Mr. George Critchett s practice. There had been history of

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Dr. Drysdale of Liverpool presided opening the meeting with an

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purposes of domestic economy. Warmth must be provided for during the winter

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for some time the fever gradually abates a state of apyrexia

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nature will be considered in a subsequent paragraph. They are

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Documents which must be consulted in the study of cerebrospinal

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nant women almost at term delivery seems not to occur

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irregular shape but with a more decided tendency to as

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present owing to the fact that conditions and defects similar to

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nal canthus of the eye etc. In the year the matter of

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gether we fear that with the doctor the wish has been

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directly or indirectly conveyed by two classes of vessels into the

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perity of pleasure of profit and contribute to the well being of

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clinical investigation in cardiac and neurological surgery. Unique of its

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and possibly the separation of the healing substance at least from other

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sistant on the Dermatological Division of the City Hospital

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the age of and continued through a long lifetime covering an ex

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uniting the intestine to the peritoneum and abdominal wall. The

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