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peated two or three times in as many days. The eye should be
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Lecturer on Infectious Diseases South Western Fever Hospital Stockwell.
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cervicitis and metritis or the irritating discharges
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nostril of that side. In a few hours these tumours subsided no
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The board may also punish violations by revoking the license. The entire
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tered mucous membrane almost like a cystic degenera
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The rate of respiration bears an uncertain ratio to
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into a friend s face without seeing him. It is still denied on
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of expression to the regular physicians of this and other
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and jaundice. All the combinations of this plant and prepara
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ladies themselves and the profession ought to know that the examina
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us than we have thought of ourselves to judge from the
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therefore possible to affirm not only the existence of epidemics of cere
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nicter form distribution extent and gravity of deportment. Those
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plished by me without incident in June. The optic nerve was abscised
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acid to the urine collecting the cystin which separates on a filter
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was changed the margins of the wound were inflamed the former dressing was
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received a letter from this patient in which he informed me
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ficial results not only in regard to the oral condition but on the
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the place after they had become diseased and each of the three
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the lumbar genital centre. This condition must be dis
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day superficial reflexes obtained knee jerk quite marked temp
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to the West in destroying the enemies of man rather than man
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application of tincture of iodine by means of sprays brushes or vaporizers
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ized to pay the same. Voted carried. On application and examination
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an adoption of the manner herein set forth of giving them.


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