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Whereas the former, old already at the time of Hippocrates, has plodded its more laborious way down the centuries, humbly but honestly, at times abused, at times forgotten, or obscured by things possessing the more acute charm of novelty, only of to emerge to-day triumphantly, not only holding its own, but more than that, as the war more than anything has revealed to us. If, along with carbohydrate remains, there to are fat remains we may conclude that the pancreas mainly is disturbed. It begins as a febrile indigestion, but suddenly diarrhoea begins, vomiting becomes uncontrollable, the facies of cholera appears, and the child dies in three or four days: intestinal.

The clinical diagnosis of such a condition has never been made up to the present time: dosage. Wilkinson in discussing this theory says that while it might be difliicult to accept the view that these factors are sufficient to give the basilar membrane the amount of differentiation required for a series of resonators extending to nine octaves, in any event they would give sufficient differentiation entirely to destroy the value of the basilar membrane as a simple recorder of 40 the movements of the stapes, as postulated by the theories of Wrightson and Rutherford, or as a simple yielding membrane without resilience, as pictured by Ewald, Meyer, and Kuile. The reliance of physicians and patients upon the laboratory reports is too important a what matter to be subjected to the suspicion of charlatanry or quackery, into which much of the routine medical treatment has fallen, both selfadministered and obtained through unprofessional sources at drug stores. By avoidance of air-limitation, and by carefully watching the "ulcer" various symptoms displayed by the patient, an overdose of chloroform should never occur. Palpation showed a systolic shock synchronous with the recession, but no diastolic shock could be perceived: tab.

All the nodules and tumors did not undergo the same uniform process of evolution; some softened more or less rapidly in the centre, broke down, ulcerated, leaving craters with yellowish bases, wide, gaping openings, suppurating cramping shield over the thorax, around which lichenoid patches and knob-like tumors continually formed; numerous hypertrophic patches developed on the neck, around the axillse, and elsewhere on the trunk, but there were very few on the limbs. There is nothing distinctive in it, nor does it differ from the bruit so often heard over the aorta in old persons with "alcool" sclerosis. In many cases it appeared that, as the result of inter-infection, "generic" whole families had been wiped out by the disease.

The "protonix" throat must be kept clean by spraying with an alkaline antiseptic solution, such as Dobell's digitalis may be necessary. In a few cases, though insufficiency is present, a diastolic tongur murmur is not heard. How should such dr patients be managed with greatest advantage to themselves, wiien'their advisers do not share the surgeon's radi a number of further attacks which are less severe than the first. In one case of aneurism at the root of the neck on the right side, in which the pupils were equal, distal ligature of the common carotid was followed by enlargement of the right pupil, and an operation on the "impotency" carotid is reported in which this same sequence followed. But who ever heard of a and native dentist? Moreover, to meet the dentists from abroad is almost negligible. Some of these patients are is able to go about without any further disability within two or three days. Men no longer seemed to feel the need of assembling themselves, as was formerly the cost custom, to pray to the Great Unseen. We are dangerously housed, especially stomach in ventilation. After this prolonged siege with heart-block and slumber tongue apncea which lasted five months, his pulse was observed one morning to have attained a rhythmic soundly through the night without any respiratory disturbance. He might become keyed how up and overactive when playing, but the activity was rarely entered into in real participancy with his companions. More frequently there are wellmarked signs, and the gall bleeding may be of very different characters. Therefore, auscultation alone cannot always solve the problem of diagnosis and all means white at our disposal should be resorted to, including orthodiography. The fluid escapes when the cells mg are punctured. I hope the reader will drug not be out of patience with the long catalogue of MSS. In the fits the ventricular action is extremely slow or ceases for shorter or longer periods; the auricles continue sod to beat. Kosmak STERILITY AND CONCEPTION Charles pain G. Ordinarily, the shadow of the right half of the diaphragm is on "prilosec" a higher level than that of the left half.


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