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Quadralean Australia Review

Public Health within the Department of the Interior of the United

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to the problem of prevention of tuberculosis and since hospital

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sions received bitter complaints that the inspectors made their visits

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plished during the fifteen years which followed the

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of action depends on its numerous joints being air tight

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on record in which it was absent even at the height of an

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is a former Truro boy who has made Ids mark in Montreal. Dr.

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example to make an interscapulo thoracic amputation with

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to the condition of the circulation in the individual organs. For the

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dary s Tnptom of this affection viz. spasm of the extensor cau iag

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as a part of vaccine used in the treatment of the pa

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gery he said we had the most striking evidence of improvement but by

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such an extent that it was found necessary to remove the larger part

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observed in the fair sex who most probably seek for admiration

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small sharp cry or by a train of short feeble bleating expirations

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The world was everywhere ringing with ether announce

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however the leucorrhoaa be moderate and be not accompanied

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this occasion in regard to the relationship of the sci

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The Hospital Bulletin contains details of hospital and dispen

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duce some of our readers to indulge themselves in a further acquaint

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be recognized by the habitual resting of the leg which

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saturation is necessary but whatever the dose given

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no reason to suppose him at all lame. His limb gives him no

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side into a fatal coma. Post febrile insanity is occasionally met with during

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ods by which the body resists disease must be clearly under

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forward even after re investigation any subjective factors


sound the aphasic can make articulate sounds without difficulty

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rous or snoring and modified by such sounds as flap

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and principles on the ipse dixit of the book the different


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